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Causes of Panic Attack

A panic attack is described as sudden and spontaneous. It sometimes occurs without showing a definite cause. It may happen in the most unexpected time without any warning - when you are alone and doing nothing, like relaxing and sleeping or in the midst important work with people, or occurring while doing the normal routines in your life like driving, shopping, or even while inside an elevator. You may not have any idea what is happening to you. Panic attacks may also be encountered when you are under too much stress or in a fearful situation that you cannot face or prevent from happening. It does not even matter whether it is real, just an imagination or only anticipation.


According to the American Psychological Association, a panic attack is a sudden urge of overwhelming fear, without any warning. It is common that people get stressed out. Panic attacks are commonly triggered by stress but with greater intensity and suddenness. Panic attacks can be most distinguished by intense fear and abruptness.

Panic attacks may also be associated with genetic factors most especially among immediate family members. There is a great possibility that you may inherit the same condition if a parent or sibling suffers with these attacks. Changes in your life that can be considered a major turning point, whether stressful or joyful like marriage, divorce, death or a loss of job can trigger the occurrence of panic attacks.

People mistakenly think they are suffering from an anxiety disorder when experiencing panic attacks. You should remember that intense anxiety causes panic attacks. In some cases, it can happen. This is because people with anxiety disorder usually have a symptom of panic attack. But the difference is that a panic attack is usually sudden and short-lived, while anxiety disorder, on the other hand, gradually develops and remains as a constant bothersome condition for a longer period of time. Since panic attacks and anxiety disorders can be related to each other treatment of either one of them may benefit both.

Research experts in this field are seeking a common trigger in determining the causes of panic attacks but the results so far are not conclusive. But there are important points that should be considered concerning the causes of panic attacks. One is that panic attacks in some cases is genetically proven and another is that panic attack may be due to malfunction of a particular system of the body or that there are imbalances in the way the body functions. They also determined that there are psychological factors that cause panic attack including various irrational fears and intense stress that comes from heartbreaking grief or loss.

Panic attacks may be a serious condition or not, but what is important is that the proper treatment on the determined causes should be administered by experts or professionals in this field. Early treatments of the causes are essential to be able to function normally.


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